Bubbles 17th Birthday Party.

Loving this collar!

A Birthday pink collar.

Would you like some cake Keeper?

I love cake!

Only looking mum!

Just licking my lips just because!

Is all this mine?

Devoncream Bubbles and a few friends and relations celebrate her 17th Birthday July 13th 2010.

  • http://www.simplesite.com/Rhodach-mini-long-dachshunds Rhona Haggart

    Bubbles is looking very good for her age, love the pics of her anticipating getting her jaws around that cake.

  • lesley

    I am so glad I took these photos and we were all looking forward to her celebrating her 18th Birthday in July this year. Sadly she became ill quite suddenly and died aged 17 years and 7 months. We miss her so much.

  • Paula Thomson

    Sorry to hear of Bubble’s passing. Was just looking at pictures of Miss Bubbles taken in 2003 a short while ago. She’d aged very well these past few years!

    Many of our older beauties are leaving us; no matter their age it always seems too soon. We hope her great-grandson Harvey lives to the same ripe old age!

  • Paula Thomson


    Though my commiserations cannot be share know the sorrow at the loss of a wonderful little dog like Bubbles is deeply felt. Her memory will live on in the generations after her … and, yes, I have many of them here, marvelous little dogs one and all.

  • lesley

    Thank you for the kind words. Bubbles was indeed a character and her legacy in her progeny lives on. She was very healthy, I hope she has passed this on and Harvey and his progeny will be with you for many more fruitful years.

  • http://www.goldidoxgrove.com/ [email protected]

    Oh my, so sorry to hear of Bubbles’ passing! My heart goes out to you… I’ve been visiting your site and seeing pictures of her and your other lovely dogs for several years. Rest in peace sweet girl. ~ Karen Ann

  • lesley

    Thank you so much these little dogs are such great characters and leave a huge gap in our lives. She was a wondrful companion and has left us a legacy of beautiful sons and daughters.

  • Karen

    So sorry to hear about Bubbles, I know how you must be feeling as we lost our lovely Dachshund Mikey in April 2011, he was 18 yrs and 1 month. We have 2 rescue dachshunds which we have had since 2006 and we all miss him.

    Your Dachshunds look beautiful

  • Janet Dye

    Just found your website. Saw the lovely pictures of bubbles. What a sad day for you when she passed.
    I have just lost beloved daxie Carrie at 15, and know how you felt. We loved her dearly, but feel another dog would help our recovery, and would love another Daxie.
    Please email me if you can help.
    Many Thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/robin.callan.9 Robin Callan

    Sawyer has lineage to Bubbles on his pedigree. Thank you for posting the pictures of the birthday. It makes me happy to see her and know what a long, lovely life she lived. Here he is on the shore of Lake Michigan at age one.

  • Amy Woodruff

    When I saw these photos, I had to go look up my Benjamin’s pedigree. Yes, there is Bubbles as his great grandmother through Magic Master, and Breeze. The resemblance is amazing. And it looks like he inherited her personality as well, although I don’t think he would be that well behaved around a cake!

    Enjoy the memories of a wonderful dog. We love Devoncreams!

  • Karen Brench

    Hi Lesley, do you still have Maddie, its Karen, Lulu’s friend we have Violet she is now 13 and in rude health, my email is [email protected]