Welcome to ‘Glorious Devon!’, traditionally home of the best cream. An appropriate place to find a kennel concentrating on breeding cream dachshunds.

We are a small showing/breeding kennel producing beautiful cream coloured miniature longhaired dachshunds.

Not ‘just’ cream but ONLY cream!

Our Aim:

* To produce dachshunds of quality,
* To breed as close to the breed standard as possible
* To use sound stock and bloodlines
* To ensure good structure, pigment and colour in our stock

Our dachshunds live with us and are firstly our companions. They have access to our 14 acres of unspoilt Devon countryside, and far from being pampered show dogs are often covered in mud from rummaging about for rabbits in the brambles. They play among the horses and are very fit and well muscled.

We have 5 generations of home bred Devoncream’s here. Our family range from the very young pups to our geriatrics. All co-habit happily, the adults teach the pups their place but are extremely tolerant of them. No pup ever lacks a playmate. The dogs thrive in their unrestricted home life – they know exactly who rules the roost – and have us completely under their tiny paws!

These pages show our dogs in their happy, healthy life. Sometimes we win in the ring – sometimes we don’t but I always take the best dogs home with me.